About me


I am an Italy-based consultant with years of experience with both big brands and small business. I care about building solid and extensible designs, and about writing good and readable code. Being a developer, I like to write tools targeted to myself and to the others developers, to make our life easier. I hold a Ph.D. and a Master Degree in Computer Science.


I am primarly a Python and PyPy expert, although I have experience with lots of other technologies, including .NET, Java, Android.

I am one of the core developers of PyPy and HPy, as well as the creator/maintainer/contributor of numerous other open source projects. See my projects page for details. I have also been very active in the Python community for years, giving talks at various conferences such as EuroPython, PyCon Italia and PyCon UK. I regularly write on the PyPy blog.


Thanks to my experience with PyPy, I have a strong and positive experience w.r.t. distributed, agile, sprint-driven and test-driven development, including good communication skills through IRC and emails, the ability to work from home and to be self-motivated to accomplish my goals.


For more information, check my Curriculum Vitae. Please feel free to contact me for more information about me or my services.


  • Python expert
  • PyPy core developer
  • Test Driven Development
  • Continuous integration
Recent public talks
Python Language Summit 2020
  • HPy: a future-proof way of extending Python?
PyCon ZA 2017, Cape Town, South Africa
  • The practice of TDD: tips&tricks
EuroPython 2017, Rimini, Italy
  • The Joy of PyPy JIT: Abstractions for Free
PyCon Italia 2017, Firenze, Italy
  • PyPy Status Update